We invite you to the ARCS Precision Medicine Summit.

Precision medicine is an innovative approach that takes into account individual differences in patients’ genes, environments, and lifestyles. Medicines, technology and digital applications that support a more personalized approach to patient care is considered a Precision Medicine or Precision Health product.

The Summit is structured so that if you know nothing about Precision Medicine or are deeply involved in it – the speakers will provide you with insights and perspectives that you had not previously considered.

Speakers will address the fundamentals of precision medicine and how it relates to digital health technologies:

  • What is Precision Medicine, what changes will it bring
  • Who are the stakeholders in the ecosystem and how collaboration drives innovation
  • What is ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Societal Impact) of Precision Medicine, and how does it impact on governance

Each session has a specific strategic focus with MTP industry wide collaboration and cross functional engagement being a central theme for all sessions (the Ecosystem):

  • The ethical, legal and societal impacts of precision medicine
  • Clinical Utility is a term that is used differently by stakeholders depending on their context. Exploring the various interpretations of this term and how it relates technically to diagnostics and devices will help us understand the various perspectives.
  • Digital health and its impact on improving patients health outcomes is an exceptionally broad topic covering RWE to Apps. Putting this in context of how it impacts across various industry roles – from medical, clinical trials, reimbursement, to marketing, finance, business development and the opportunities for partnerships or alliances. David Bunker will share his insights in the third session of the Summit.
  • Industry leaders will discuss their challenges and responses to the evolving precision medicine environment.
    • Agena: Dr Cynthia Roberts, Chief Risk Officer
    • Novartis: Byron Muntz – Patient access Cell and Gene therapy
    • Roche: Richard Woodfield, Integrated Medicine Community Lead and Country Medical Director
    • Astra Zeneca: Associate Professor Kerrie McDonald, Government Affairs Manager for AstraZeneca.

Here is a video giving more background: