Welcome to the patient organisation representatives assisting InGeNA programs to ensure we have the most current consumer voice in everything we do. Jan Mumford, Executive Director of Genetic Alliance Australia, and Heather Renton, CEO and Founder of Syndromes Without a Name (SWAN) Australia, will bring the most current consumer viewpoint and valuable experience to InGeNA programs.

Jan Mumford will be the consumer representative on the Quantifying the Benefits of Genomics program.
Her work with research groups provides a community perspective, promoting the health and support needs of those affected. At the state and federal levels, Jan as worked with peak advocacy groups for improved services and provide feedback on government policy and procedures. Jan’s experience and background strengthens Genetic Alliance support for families at all stages of a diagnosis as well as a community voice at state and federal levels.

Heather Renton will support the Access and Equity program of InGeNA as the consumer representative. Syndromes Without A Name provides information and support to families caring for a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition. Heather is a consumer health representative on a number of different advisory groups and is a passionate health and disability advocate.