InGeNA has continued to grow and evolve throughout our second year. Our 2022 has been about deepening connections with our stakeholders, building our reputation, and earning trust across the genomics landscape in Australia.

This culminated in our precision health roundtable held in Canberra in October. This event brought together genomics industry researchers, planners and policy makers, clinicians and consumer representatives to discuss the advancement of precision health in Australia by 2030. InGeNA members and stakeholders joined in to share their experiences and contribute to the important conversations around building public and consumer trust and awareness, workforce needs, the complexities of governance, data quality, privacy and some major goals for national infrastructure including clinical implementation. Work on a report detailing the outcomes of this meeting is currently underway and will form the basis of a roadmap for InGeNA’s work in collaboration with other parties to guide the transition to a learning health system leveraging on precision health.

InGeNA has also used this year to act as a trusted voice representing industry for our partners and stakeholders.

The genomics industry has given valuable input into projects including the HTA Review being conducted by Medicines Australia and the Federal Government, Standards Australia‘s Committee IT-014-19 for ISO standard ISO/TC-215/SC1 – Genomics Informatics, and the NAGIM implementation plan and other projects by Australian Genomics.

We have collaborated closely with Medicines Australia, Australian Genomics, Pathology Technology Australia, and the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, and we have contributed to multiple requests for comment from MSAC.

Our publications (including two document launches in 2022) have been widely downloaded this year as we continue to leverage these studies to promote precision health in Australia. InGeNA is looking forward to a productive and effective 2023 as we look to grow our membership further and continue to play our role and make our voice heard.