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InGeNA is a single voice for Australian industry partners contributing to the rapidly developing field of genomics.

Alliance partners share a vision for Australia’s leadership in the adoption of genomics in healthcare.
– Better health outcomes
– Healthcare value and affordability
– A trusted, equitable and ethical genomics ecosystem

Collaboration across the key sectors of diagnostics/pathology, tech and pharma will ensure long and far-reaching benefits for Australian health consumers.

InGeNA the industry voice for the future of genomics in Australia

Latest webinar

Acute care genomics: Rapid rare disease diagnosis on a national scale

This study considered rapid genomic testing for critically ill children with suspected genetic conditions. Professor Zornitza Stark, a lead investigator on the project, discussed the program’s effectiveness and the health economic impact. Kirsten Boggs then talked about the same program from her perspective as a genetic counsellor, discussing the effect that the program has on the families involved.

InGeNA | Acute care genomics: Rapid rare disease diagnosis on a national scale

Who we are

InGeNA was formed by a group of industry organisations, hosted by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), to bring a shared perspective on critically important areas underpinning the future of genomics.

  • A patient-centred approach
  • Digital infrastructure & principles
  • Workforce planning & skills
  • Government policy making

VISION Realising the full potential of genomics to personalise healthcare

MISSION To harness the collective skills and expertise of industry to integrate genomics into healthcare

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InGeNA is pleased to be formally working with the following partners

InGeNA News

Tektology joins InGeNA

Tektology joins InGeNA

InGeNA welcomes Tektology as a new member.  Read more about Tektology here and on their website: Tektology is an international health innovation & strategy consultancy headquartered in the UK and with offices in Australia, Saudi Arabia, and India. We are senior...

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Gene S joins InGeNA

Gene S joins InGeNA

InGeNA welcomes Gene S as a new member.  Read more about Gene S here and on their website: Gene S is a Western Australian company with a groundbreaking pharmacogenomic technology platform. Gene S’s PGx solution, featuring advanced genetic testing and reporting...

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Genomical joins InGeNA

Genomical joins InGeNA

InGeNA welcomes Genomical® as a new member.  Read more about Genomical® here and on their website: New venture to support Genomical® in the sustainability and scale-up of clinical genomic testing Transcendomics is a new spinout company from the Melbourne Genomics...

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Genomics technology

The promise of genomics is to help Australians live longer and healthier lives by integrating genomics into the management of health and integrating genomics information and workflows into the health system.

The current focus of genomics is on using individual genetic information to inform tailored healthcare decisions.

Genomics is also expected to have a large impact at the population level in the future. Genomics has the potential to enable earlier diagnosis, improve the identification of the best treatment for the patient, and assist in disease prevention by analysing many genes or the entire genome (comprising all 22,000 genes present in human DNA) at once.


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