To elevate the capabilities of the various workforces servicing the Australian genomics sector, InGeNA the industry voice for the future of genomics in Australia, has released a new competency framework to address workforce competency gaps in precision medicine.

The sequencing of the human genome has caused a steady rise in the impact of genomics in medical practice and the new InGeNA Workforce Precision Medicine Competency Framework represents a cross-cutting framework for the whole health industry to help individuals, employers and businesses.

“The healthcare system is transitioning from a specialist and disease-centred system to a learning healthcare system driven by precision medicine, in response the competencies and capabilities of the various workforces servicing this sector also need to change,” said InGeNA Chair David Bunker.

“It is difficult for individuals, their managers, and employers to keep abreast of rapidly changing requirements to keep up-to-date with this evolving ecosystem. That is why a capability framework to support the workforce is so important,” he said.

The competency and capability framework supports the development of a workforce that are confident and capable of integrating genomic information and/or technologies into their everyday work practice. It also fosters a culture of continuous learning to deliver genomic scientific, technology, and healthcare integration innovations across the medical technology and pharmaceutical (MTP) industry by 2025.

The framework can be used in multiple ways, such as determining the competencies and capabilities needed for roles as well as for individual workforce members; to determine job descriptions, career development and succession planning, especially when linking with the learning level needed for a specific role; and it can be used by leadership to define core competencies for their workforce.

Importantly the framework will support strategic and business planning by identifying gaps in workforce competencies needed to meet business goals.

InGeNA is auspiced by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH). The AIDH is Australasia’s peak body for digital health representing a united and influential single voice for health informatics and digital health leaders and practitioners.

Download the InGeNA Workforce Precision Medicine Competency Framework.