InGeNA facilitates collaboration between industry players, as well as with consumers, academia, and government to help inform and develop policy to make Australia a world in leader in genomics in healthcare.

A shared vision

An aligned view of the desired outcomes from genomics.

Broad representation

A single point of contact to gather the broad views of Industry on genomics related issues.

Reduced duplication

Greater visibility in Industry of work underway, reducing duplication of effort and enabling meaningful contribution.


Reduced cost and effort associated with identifying key stakeholders and engaging on a one-to-one basis.

Patient focus

Ensure a patient-centric approach and focus on removing barriers for patient outcomes and consult with experts and those affected.


Operate with transparency and within legal parameters such as compliance with Australian Competition and Consumer Law.


Be inclusive and draw on peak body memberships and subgroups and remain open to contributions outside the membership base


Create value by identifying and pursuing quick wins, minimising duplication and leveraging capacity