What is InGeNA?

InGeNA is a united voice for Australian industry partners contributing our skills and expertise to the rapidly developing field of genomics and advancing precision health in Australia.


Who can join InGeNA?

Companies that work in genomics and human health – for example those that develop diagnostic tests or pathology tools, work with genomic data infrastructure or analysis, develop medicines or health technologies based on the clinical use of genomics, or provide expertise or services to the medical field. We welcome new members of all sizes and stages of development.


What if I’m a researcher, or clinical organisation?

InGeNA also partners with organisations such as research institutions, peak bodies, and non-profits.


How are you funded?

InGeNA was established in 2020 with help from seed funding from MTP Connect, but we are now driven by member contributions.


What have you achieved?

In our first 18 months, we have undertaken four foundational projects, one under each of our strategic pillars (quantifying the benefits of genomics, access and equity, workforce, and data and technology innovation). Publications from these projects are available here.

  • Valuing the impact of genomics on healthcare in Australia: InGeNA commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to conduct research which will provide a snapshot of the potential value of genomics on healthcare in Australia by profiling a suite of case study applications across the screening, diagnosis, and treatment stages of the care continuum.
  • Realising the full potential of genomics to personalise healthcare – Whitepaper: Future directions for health technology assessment in Australia provides a unified industry viewpoint on how the reform of the HTA system could substantially improve and enhance access to genomic technology for health consumers.
  • Genomic data in Australia: An industry perspective on clarity, certainty and standardisation, the first industry-led report on data sharing and the challenges facing governance around genomic data, is published by the Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA).
  • InGeNA Precision Medicine Workforce Competency Framework: The Precision Medicine Competency Framework includes analysis of the needs for a future precision medicine-based workforce that is fit for purpose and aids individuals and employers to identify and address competency gaps in precision medicine

Our engagements with stakeholders and input into their projects and activities is another way InGeNA works to achieve our mission to harness the collective skills and expertise of industry to integrate genomics into healthcare. aRead more about our achievements in our 2021-22 annual report.


What else do you do?

We engage with stakeholders to provide the industry view to the genomics ecosystem in Australia. We also run a public webinar series and speak at events.


How do you include engage consumers and patient groups?

A patient representative sits on each of our steering committee, management committee, and each of our working groups. InGeNA and our members remain patient focused in all aspects of our work.


How do I stay informed of your activities?

Join the mailing list here for regular announcements on projects, opportunities, and events for the precision health community.