How can my organisation get involved in InGeNA?

We welcome participation from any interested stakeholder organisation, whether scientific, research, consumer or clinical group. You may wish to be consulted during projects, or even become more involved as a subject matter expert. You can join the mailing list HERE or email the Program Manager to register your interest.


How long will the program run for?

InGeNA has been set up as an initial program for 18 months with seed funding from MTP Connect and member contributions to develop the program.


What projects are you working on first and how are you selecting them?

Project outcomes will embody the vision of InGeNA “Realising the full potential of genomics to personalise healthcare”. Various projects are being considered and they will be prioritised depending on criteria such as value to the community, ability to positively impact health outcomes, ability to make a long term contribution to genomics. 


How can I be involved as a subject matter expert?

We would love to hear from you! There may be opportunities for you to engage with InGeNA as projects get underway in early 2021. Please join the mailing list HERE to be alerted to opportunities.


Can you keep me in the loop on developments?

Yes absolutely. We would like you to join the mailing list HERE and stay informed on project announcements, opportunities and events for the precision health community.


How will InGeNA include consumers and patient groups?

As projects are established, pathways for engagement will also be developed. This may be by invitation, contact through networks, surveys, social media etc. All projects will assess and implement the most appropriate pathway. You can also register your interest to be involved or join the mailing list to stay across opportunities.