Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA) Annual Report 2022-23

InGeNA has continued to evolve throughout our second year. 20 of our 21 members renewed membership with InGeNA for the Mar 2022 – Feb 2023 membership period, representing the genomics value chain from diagnostics and pathology, data analysis, and through to pharmaceuticals.
 Precision HealthRoundtable held in Canberra 2022

Precision Health Roundtable 2022 Report

Genomics industry researchers, planners and policy makers, clinicians and consumer representatives met in Canberra (October 2022) for InGeNA’s roundtable planning session to advance precision health in Australia by 2030.

Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA) Annual Report 2021-22

As we progressed our first-year agenda, we saw precision health, underpinned by genomics, benefiting individuals, families, carers, and the health system more broadly. The community’s understanding of genomics was essential to allowing the swift development of vaccines, diagnostics, tests and as a tool for epidemiologists.

AIDH & InGeNA 2022 Federal Election Statement

In its 2022 election statement, InGeNA says the incoming government has the opportunity to build on Australia’s growing genomics expertise and enable consumers to benefit from the new age of precision health.

Realising the full potential of genomics to personalise healthcare - Whitepaper

Future directions for health technology assessment in Australia provides a unified industry viewpoint on how the reform of the HTA system could substantially improve and enhance access to genomic technology for health consumers.

InGeNA Precision Medicine Workforce Competency Framework

As our healthcare system transitions from a specialist and disease-centred system to a learning healthcare system driven by precision medicine, the competencies and capabilities of the various workforces servicing this sector also need to change


InGeNA social Deloitte

Valuing the impact of genomics on healthcare in Australia

InGeNA commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to conduct research which will provide a snapshot of the potential value of genomics on healthcare in Australia by profiling a suite of case study applications across the screening, diagnosis, and treatment stages of the care continuum.