At this quick-fire webinar, hear from the creators of the Precision Medicine Workforce Competency Framework, and learn about how two InGeNA members have already utilised the framework for their own purposes.

As our healthcare system transitions from a specialist and disease-centred system to a learning healthcare system driven by precision medicine, the competencies and capabilities of the various workforces servicing this sector also need to change.

The InGeNA Precision Medicine Workforce Competency Framework is needed because since the sequencing of the human genome, there has been a steady rise in the impact of genomics in the practice of medicine.

It is difficult for individuals, their managers, and employers to keep abreast of the rapidly changing requirements for keeping up to date with this evolving ecosystem.
The competency framework includes analysis of the needs for a future precision medicine-based workforce that is fit for purpose and aids individuals and employers to identify and address competency gaps in precision medicine.

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