InGeNA welcomes Genomical® as a new member.  Read more about Genomical® here and on their website:

New venture to support Genomical® in the sustainability and scale-up of clinical genomic testing

Transcendomics is a new spinout company from the Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance. It was set up to best position the future growth of Genomical®, a software platform to enable labs to deliver medicine’s most complex test at scale.  Genomical® is a genomic information management system, or GIMS.  It moves data between genomic software tools, stores it securely in the cloud, and connects to healthcare systems.   It fills a gap in the healthcare system to enable safer, more efficient genomic testing.  Transcendomics provides innovative digital health solutions that enable genomics to benefit more patients now, and bring emerging omics technologies in to care sooner.  The company is led by experts in genomics, healthcare software, and new ventures; and a board with deep commercial expertise in the life sciences sector.