InGeNA will provide a united industry voice when it acts as the Industry Advisory Group to the Australian Genomics Health Alliance (Australian Genomics).

InGeNA and Australian Genomics have agreed to collaborate and work together on sharing information and developing resources for the field of genomics.

Australian Genomics Manager Tiffany Boughtwood has been involved with InGeNA and provided her input since its launch in November 2020. She said: “InGeNA will be a valuable partner to genomic research in Australia. Industry engagement and collaboration is critical for effective genomic uptake and implementation in healthcare – to translate genomic health research and innovation into more effective treatments and better patient outcomes.

Australian Genomics was launched in 2016 to build an evidence base to inform the integration of genomic medicine into mainstream healthcare.

Established with a National Health and Medical Research Council grant in 2016, Australian Genomics manages over $55M delivering genomic projects with additional funding from philanthropy and the Genomics Health Futures Mission.

Australian Genomics supports government-funded genomic research projects, distils research outcomes to inform policy and practice, and progresses national standards to genomic data management.