InGeNA has grown this year to 18 companies, united in a collaborative network as a single industry voice for genomics. As the network reflects on a busy year to establish groundwork in the genomics space and build our engagement and reach, we are also looking ahead to membership growth in 2022. If you are part of the genomics value chain in Australia in diagnostics and pathology, data and technology or pharma you are invited to join us for the forthcoming work program.

InGeNA’s goal is to provide an independent and trusted industry perspective to inform and develop genomics policy and work collaboratively with patient and consumer groups, researchers, government and service providers across the genomics and health sectors. If our first year is anything to go by, this goal is certainly being achieved, with INGENA engagement by our stakeholders in demand.

As a corporate member, you will have opportunities to be part of consultation, engagement and feedback to government policy-making in the genomics arena. You will be contributing to Australia’s potential to be a world leader in the adoption of genomics in healthcare and enhance your company’s presence in the new frontier of precision health ensuring industry plays its important role in major research endeavours and in genomics in clinical practice.

In the next few years, a significant volume of work is planned across government that will impact industry. This includes reviews of approaches to access and reimbursement, development of the digital infrastructure and principles to underpin genomics, workforce planning and skills development, consent and consumer-centricity.

Join us as we work collaboratively with consumers, clinicians and all stakeholders in healthcare to ensure Australians will increasingly benefit from the promise of genomics.

David Bunker FAIDH CHIA

David Bunker FAIDH CHIA

Chair, InGeNA