Realising the full potential of genomics to personalise healthcare is a compelling vision, but now the real work begins in how to implement it.

InGeNA was established to help bring the vision of precision health to fruition, where Australian citizens are the beneficiaries of a health system that has fully integrated genomics into its DNA, delivering better outcomes for patients and the population.

The Australian Federal Government and many States and Territories have recognised the promise of genomic medicine and are progressing substantial programs of work to promote the integration of genomic technologies into healthcare.

We need an agenda for developing the evidence base supporting the use of genomics, establishing the right policies and mature data infrastructure to integrate genomics into healthcare, and ensuring our workforce is ready to deliver care in the age of precision health.

The genomics industry has a significant role to play in delivering on the promise of genomic medicine and its integration into healthcare.

Through InGeNA, industry will be working alongside state and federal governments, consumer groups, academia and professional bodies to enable Australia to be a world leader in the adoption of genomics in healthcare and accelerate the potential benefits of genomics. We hope you will join us on this mission to see genomics integrated into everyday healthcare.

David Bunker FAIDH CHIA

David Bunker FAIDH CHIA

Chair of InGeNA