The first InGeNA webinar for the year will be themed ‘NAGIM Implementations’. The National Approach to Genomic Information Management (NAGIM) seeks a national genomic data asset for Australia, within a seamless and secure digital genomics ecosystem. A NAGIM is founded on nationally-aligned policies, processes and regulatory frameworks, for sustainable, equitable healthcare and greater efficiency and impact of medical research. Building upon the NAGIM Blueprint (2020), Australian Genomics has developed Recommendations for Implementation of NAGIM for Australia In a final report delivered to the Federal Government in January 2023, eight high-level implementation recommendations were presented, with corresponding workstreams, priority areas, key stakeholder considerations and an overall national strategy for commencing NAGIM implementation.

In this webinar, we hear Marie-Jo Brion, Data Manager at Australian Genomics discuss the implementation recommendations.

Our second speaker is Natalie Thorne, Genomics Information Management Lead at Melbourne Genomics, presenting a platform that aims to address some of these recommendations.